Farewell to our 8th Grade; “Au revoir” to kindergarten

8th grade boy being greeted by younger students8th grade girl being greeted by younger studentsFriday, June 7:

Today we said “au revoir” to our Kindergarten class as the celebrated the finale of a year of “learning, playing and praying.” They regaled us with singing and praying, and shared their favorite memory of the year. We wish them a wonderful summer.

After that we greeted the 8th grade class as they took their “Walk of Honor” through the school.  We look forward to their graduation tonight and send our blessings and prayers with them as they move on to high school.

You will all be missed.

Wednesday, June 5:

8th graders and Fr. Fisher at lunch
One of our traditions is for 8th grade to have lunch with Fr. Fisher during their last week of school. Today the 8th grade went over to the parish hall to enjoy a pizza – and popsicle – lunch!

Fr. Fisher brought in a guest speaker: former Major League pitcher Tom Carroll, who played for the Cincinnati Reds in 1974 and 1975 seasons. He regaled the students with stories of his time with the Reds, and spoke about dreams and how faith helps you to stay focused on those dreams. He answered some very thoughtful questions from the students!

It is events like this that bring about community and memories for our students.

God bless.

Angela Rowley

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