Dress Down Day for Catholic Charities on April 23

Support Catholic Charities

When? April 23rd

How much? Please bring $2 for the dress down day. You can bring more to support your class.

About Catholic Charities: This Catholic Charity supports foster children and children going through the adoption process. We hope to raise money to help these children and families grow in their love for each other, as well as for God.

What? A fundraiser will be held to raise money. The dress down day aspect of the fundraiser will be individual. Each student that brings in 2 dollars will be able to dress down that day. An extra prize of cookies will go to the class that raises the most money.

Dedication: This project will be dedicated to Fr. Fisher in honor of his birthday on the 23rd.

Please help us support these children!

8th Grade Leadership Club

 Sponsored by:
Knead of Love Bakery, Mantua Fairfax VA


We would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Faust for sponsoring this project and for donating her time to help.



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