Exciting News for Saint Ambrose School!

January 24, 2024

Dear St. Ambrose School Families,

Over the years, our dedicated efforts have focused on providing our students with the best educational experience. Father Fisher and I are proud to say that we have succeeded in numerous ways and forms. Together and with faculty, staff and our families, we have successfully cultivated a safe, healthy, and beautiful environment for our students to flourish in wisdom and grace.

At the heart of St. Ambrose School, our Catholic faith and identity have been steadfast guides, remaining at the forefront of everything we do. It is with deep emotion and heartfelt sentiment that Father Fisher and I announce the exciting news of our beloved school embarking on much-needed renovations and construction to expand our spaces.

Our meticulous planning involves phased renovations and construction to adhere to timelines and county licenses. During this process, the library will temporarily relocate to the classrooms as we plan to construct a modular building that will house a new library – a dynamic space for a media center and STREAM Lab. Simultaneously, reading corners will be designed in the classrooms to host our library books. Mrs. Healy will continue to bring the library experience to the classrooms during her regular times, ensuring our students receive the same exposure they are accustomed to.

The current library space will undergo transformation into two classrooms and two bathrooms, catering to our preschool four years old program. Notably, one of these classrooms will implement our 50/50 Spanish-English instructional model.

The first phase is set to commence in April of this year, focusing on interior renovations which will be completed in the summer. We will transition to the second phase, which is our exterior construction. We anticipate the completion of the exterior construction in the Spring of 2025.

Let us unite in gratitude, praising God for the abundant blessings bestowed upon our school. His unwavering presence continues to be our guiding light, ensuring that this period of transformation will open doors to even greater opportunities for growth and learning.

May God’s blessings be with us all.

Rev. Father Andrew Fisher                                                        Maria Teresa Tejada

Pastor                                                                                              Principal

St. Ambrose Catholic School

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St. Ambrose School admits students of any race, color, and national origin.

"Christ is everything to us" – St. Ambrose