Mrs. Maria-Pia Fernandez

Welcome to the wonderful journey that is Kindergarten. Mrs. Hogan and I are honored that you have entrusted your children to us. I teach Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Their specials are Library, Music, Art, Health, Computer, Spanish, and P.E.

This is the year students will develop the first building blocks of written language and number sense. They will also be encouraged to develop social skills, creativity, and self-control. They will be expected “to try” and not give up when faced with a difficult task. And they will be expected to focus for certain periods of time. They will be asked to become problem solvers and to take responsibility for their property, their work, and their behavior. Most important of all, it is my hope that they will learn that PRACTICE MAKES PROGRESS!!!

My philosophy of teaching is one that combines structure, discipline, and nurturing each and every child. With this in mind we have a set of classroom rules and a set discipline plan. Both of these are posted in our classroom. Along with that we have an intricate reward system (both for the individual child and the whole class) that recognizes and supports good behavior. My Kindergarten lessons are a mix of formal instruction, purposeful centers, written activities, and free play time. We go outside everyday weather permitting. Communication with me can be done via email and or the homework folder. Please allow me twenty four hours to respond to emails during the workweek.

I will send a weekly email to keep you informed of what is happening that week in our classroom. Homework goes home Monday thru Thursday, please help your child complete this and spend ten minutes engaging your student in a reading activity.

If the monthly reading log is returned at the end of the month with at least ten entries, the student will receive a personal pan pizza certificate. Birthdays are celebrated during lunch so please let me know when you’d like to provide a treat and Mrs. Hogan will be ready to celebrate in the gym. We prefer not to have birthday treats on Fridays as that is the day they may purchase ice cream. You may pick a different day or treat everyone to ice cream!!

Kindergarteners pair up with eighth graders as buddies to attend Mass on Thursdays and Holy Days. They will also join together and carry out social service projects. These activities take place during the school day. Your student should bring in a small gift to their buddy at Christmas and graduation.

Please remember to send a daily nut free snack with your student. Also, any dismissal changes must be communicated to me in writing. I check for these daily via email prior to dismissal.

If you’d like to volunteer in our classroom, and you are Virtus compliant, please email me and we can plan accordingly. Similarly, if you’d like to chaperone a field trip or would like to volunteer in the playground or lunch duty be sure you complete the Virtus program and you will then be able support our school and enjoy your child’s company.

Each child will receive an “All About Me” poster at some point during the year. Please take your time completing it to share with the class. Note that you will receive an alphabet chart, number chart, and a Kindergarten sight word list to keep at home. This can be helpful with homework and in helping your child learn letter sounds, words, and numbers.

We will have mandatory teacher conferences in November, and two report cards (January and June) during the school year.

Soda tabs and box tops are collected year round. These fund raising efforts aid Ronald McDonald House and our school. In addition, they serve as Math activities. Please, be generous and send them in! Don’t forget to mark the boxtops with your child’s name on the back for raffles prizes. And again, thank you for entrusting your children to us. Let’s have a great year!

Jesus, we trust in You.

St. Ambrose Catholic School

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St. Ambrose School admits students of any race, color, and national origin.

"Christ is everything to us" – St. Ambrose