Grade 6 Science

Posted on September 16, 2019

Compost Virtual Lab (to be done in classroom)

NOS.L1-L3 Quiz on Thursday, 9/19/19

Homework due Thursday, 9/5/19
Do Lesson1 review questions 1-8 on p. NOS11

Mr. An’s Science 6 Class (2019-2020)

Reminder:   Visit the Power School parent portal regularly to view all trimester grades. 


Science 6 Course Description:

  • Scientific investigation through research, lab experiments, models & demonstrations
  • Physical Science = Matter & energy
  • Environmental Science = Solar energy, air, water, watershed systems and natural resources
  • Life Science = Ecosystems, relationships and adaptations
  • Earth Science = Solar system, space exploration, Earth & Moon


  • Textbook = Virginia Grade 6 i-Science, Glencoe c2013

Required Supplies:

  • As needed = scissors, glue, colored pencils, markers, shoe box, poster board
  • Composition notebook
  • Labeled Science pocket in the 8-pocket folder
  • Textbook covered with paper or Book Sox


  • Lesson outlines, homework/classwork (written or study)
  • Class participation / engagement
  • Chapter tests / quizzes
  • Research projects
  • Lab activities, models & reports


  • Students will write all daily assignments and upcoming test dates in their agendas.
  • Students should review vocabulary and daily notes frequently.

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