7 Science

Posted on November 15, 2019

Ch2.L4 Quiz  (open notes) Monday, 11/18/19
Go over chapter lesson review questions and class notes.

Science Fair FINAL proposal Friday 11/15/19.
Final proposal will count as much as a Quiz grade. 

Ch2.L1-L3 Quiz moved to Wednesday, 11/06/19
Go over chapter lesson review questions, worksheets and notes.

Science Fair (draft/revised) proposal extended to Friday 11/01/19.
(applies to approved ideas, need to share on Google Docs)  

Ch2.L1 review questions #1-9 & Ch2.L2 review questions #1-10 due Monday, 10/28/19
Go over chapter review questions and notes.

Ch1.L1-L3 Quiz on Thursday, 10/09/19
Go over chapter review questions and notes.

3 project ideas proposal for Science Fair due Friday 10/11/19.
– Note: points deducted if submitted late.  Use form on packet.

Science Fair 2019-2020
– Students received a packet w/ letter to parents on Wednesday, 9/25/19.
Parent’s signature on letter is due Wednesday 10/02/19.
– Digital copy of letter and packet are available here:
->  Letter to Parent     Packet 2019-2020 

NOS.L 1- L3 Quiz – Friday, 9/20/19

Homework due Friday, 9/6/19
– Do Lesson1 review questions 1-10 on p. NOS11
– Turn in Science lab contract w/ parent’s signature.

WELCOME to Science 7

Science 7 – “Life Science” (Biology / Study Of Living Things)
Highlights – Scientific Inquiry, Cell Structure & Function, Plants & Animals, Interactions w/ Life.
Projects – Science Fair intro & preparation starts September 28, 2019

What to Expect:
– Labs, projects, devising/conducting experiments.
– Critical thinking applications to Science and Theories
(ex: Evolution/Natural Selection, Genetics, Geology, etc.)
– Applying methods of Science to real world scenarios.
– Connecting Science w/ faith & reason.
– Meet/exceed Science diocese curriculum.

– Class Engagement/Participation
– Lab, Classwork,
Homework, Projects
– Test/Quiz

Required SuppliesScience notebook / journal, calculator

Resources: Virginia Grade 7 i-Science, Glencoe;  McGraw-Hill Inspire Labs.  

Homework assignments – Will be posted each lesson week.  – Mr. An


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