Grade 8 Science

Posted on May 15, 2019

Test – Tuesday 5/21/19, (Ch. 11 Lesson 1 – 3)
Review vocabulary, key concepts, and go over lesson 1-3 review questions. 

Ch.11 “Lesson 1-3 Worksheets
Remember to turn in your worksheets for Chapter 11 Sound.

Quiz – Thursday 5/02/19, (Ch. 13, Lesson 1 – 3)
Review vocabulary, key concepts, and go over lesson 1-3 review questions. 

Ch.13 “Lesson 2 & 3 Question Review” changed to Tuesday Friday 04/16/19

Quiz on Tuesday, changed to after Easter Break (Ch. 13, Lesson 1 – 3)
Review vocabulary, key concepts, and go over lesson 1-3 review questions. 

Quiz on Tuesday, 4/02/19 (Ch. 8, Lesson 1 – 3)
Review vocabulary, key concepts, and do lesson review questions for lessons 1 – 3

Lab Work due by Tuesday, 3/26/19

Test on Thursday, 3/14/19 (Ch. 7, Lesson 1 – 3)
Review vocabulary, key concepts, and do lesson review questions for lessons 1 – 3

Science Fair Event – Friday, 02/22/2019
Students – rehearse presentation and review trifold & binder to prep for Science Fair event.

Finalize Science Fair binder & Tri-fold boards
DUE DATE moved to Monday, 02/11/19
 * Worth two Quiz grades (60 points).

Quiz Thursday, 1/17/19 (Ch. 6, Lesson 3-4)
Will cover Thermal Energy and Effects of Heating/Cooling on states of matter.

Notebook Binder, for Science Fair – due Monday, 1/14/2019.
All necessary papers must be inserted, Background Research must be 2-3 pages w/ 5 cited sources.
See checklist given in class, or check Google Classroom for “Notebook Binder Sample”.  Total – 15 points.

Prepare Science Fair Binder  due Monday, 1/7/2019.
For details / instructions, check your packet or click here
use the updated timeline 2019 that was handed out.

We also launched Mr. An’s “Google classroom” for other posted resources
including Science Fair here 

Quiz next Wednesday, 12/19/18 (Ch. 6, Lesson 1-2)
Will cover L1 “forms of energy” & L2 “matter & energy”.  Do lesson review & review your class notes, worksheets, and read chapter for preparation.

Step 6-7, Science Fair – “Draft Abstract” is due Thursday 12/13/18.
For an example of Abstract, see packet p.16-20 or click here
1) Reminder
: A parent need to sign off your final proposal to get started on experiment.
2) Prepare your Science binder w/ dividers and bring to class next week.
3) Bring self-portrait photo (4×6) on Monday, 12/10/18.  +2 free p.u. points.


Quiz next Thursday, 12/06/18 (Ch. 5, Lesson 3)
Will cover Acids & Bases, Ionic bonds and Metallic bonds review.

Step 4-5, Final  Project Proposal  that has been approved is due Friday 11/16/18.
Work on your Science Fair project this holiday weekend.  Do necessary research!
* unless given exception, points are deducted if submitted late (worth quiz grade – 30 points).


Ch.4 “Lesson 1 & 2″ Question Review due Wednesday 11/07/18
Test on Ch4 Lesson 1-3
Thursday 11/08/18
Step 3 “First Draft Proposal” extended due date to Friday 11/09/18


Test on Thursday, 10/25/18 (Ch. 3, Lesson 1 – 3)
Study tips:  review vocabulary, key concepts, do lesson/chapter review questions for lessons 1 – 3.  You can use your connectED account for practice quizzes.

3 project ideas proposal for Science Fair extended to Thursday 10/25/18.
– Note: points deducted if submitted late.  Use form on packet.

Science Fair 2018-2019 !!!
Parent signature due Wednesday 10/10/18.
– Students received a packet w/ letter to parents on Friday, 10/5/18.
– Digital copy of letter and packet are available here:
->  Letter to Parent     Packet 2018-2019
->  Grade 8 science fair assignments can be uploaded  here.
I will be updating relevant links as the Science Fair project progresses.  

New to Science Fair?  Here are some suggested resources to get started.  

Quiz next Thursday, 10/11/18
covering Chapter 2, Lessons 1-2.

TEST next Thursday, 9/27/18
Test will cover Chapter 1, Lessons 1-4.
Know key concepts & vocabularies for each lesson.  Recommend doing each Lesson review and Chapter review.  Practice how to balance a chemical equation.

Assignment due Tuesday, 9/18/18
Chapter 1, p. 24 “Lesson 2 Review” # 1 – 9

Study for Quiz next Thursday, 9/13/18
Know key concepts & vocabularies on Scientific Method.  Vocabulary sheet was handed out and is in textbook (NOS2-29)

Lab safety forms due by – Thursday, 9/5/18
Parents need to sign the form.

Note: Students were given login accounts for access to connectED.  This can be a helpful online resource for eBook, extra learning materials, and practice quizzes.  Website login below:


Assignment due Wed, 9/5/18
Answer review questions 1 – 8 on Lesson 3 (NOS 29)

Science 8 –
“Physical Science” (Matter & Energy)
Highlights – Scientific Inquiry, Atoms & Periodic Tables, Lab / Experiments, Model & Experiments.
Fun cultural references w/ science & real life applications.
Projects – Science Fair intro & preparation starts September 28, 2018

Resources: Virginia Grade 8 i-Science, Glencoe c2013
Website = online textbook access @ .  Online access for multimedia and practice quiz resources beyond the textbook will be available for students.

Required SuppliesScience notebook / journal

Grading/AssessmentsChapter tests and quizzes, Class Engagement/Labs/Participation, Homework/Practice, Science Fair Project

Homework assignments – Will be posted each lesson week.  – Mr. An



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