Parents and students love our school

Our families send us compliments -see some below:

I mean every compliment. The whole world has shut down and somehow little Saint Ambrose School keeps moving forward and producing happy, learning, faith-filled kids. And to see the teachers/staff/and even the principal out there waving at the cars and taking temperatures on top of everything else ! I am amazed every single morning at drop off and every single afternoon at pick-up. This school is a miracle and a gift.

Thanks so much.

[From a note to Mrs. Greshock, who teaches middle school Language Arts and Literature]

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how much you have contributed to [my son’s] learning.

[My son] is now in the 8th grade at Trinity at Meadow View and has been doing really well at school over the past two years. He has attributed his success in grammar and English classes to you on a number of occasions. Just this morning, I asked him how he was doing in school and in his Literature Composition class and he said that it was “easy” for him, because of what you taught him in 6th grade. He also mentioned how good he is at taking notes because of all of the notes he took in your class (he said you would fill the white board multiple times with notes).

Just wanted you to know how you have made a lasting difference. St. Ambrose is so lucky to have you!

Thank you for letting us treat everyone [this Dad had sent snacks for the teachers and staff] as a way to show our appreciation for what all of you do to make St. Ambrose such a wonderful school.

We couldn’t be happier to be part of such a wonderful community and loving environment for our children.

The father of a 2nd grade student won a Gala basket with an ice skating outing in it.  Due to Covid, now that is not an option, and therefore, he was given a $75 visa gift card.  He contacted me today and asked that I give that gift card to Mrs. Daisy Hutchison in 2nd grade to be used for the class as she feels fit.  He continued that his daughter loves Mrs. Hutchison and “she does more for them than he could ever do for her”.  In fact, [his daughter] has been to many schools in her short 7 years and this is the first time she has asked that she get to stay at this school and not have to switch again.  He was so very appreciative of all the teachers as well.

I think you guys have been brilliant with the fundraising, by the way. I loved the auction items we ‘won’ and this pick-up German brat dinner idea is just fantastic too, as are the Halloween candy grams. You guys have had some really innovative thinking during this difficult time.

Bravo to Saint Ambrose. I feel so very lucky to have [my child] be a part of this school.

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