Fun Run -November 4

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Each fall we put together a fun run in the field behind St. Ambrose School as a way to:  bring together students, parents and teachers for some outdoor fun and games; teach our children about the value of good exercise and healthy eating; and raise much-needed funds for our wonderful school.

The 2016 run will take place on November 4th.   All students participate, whether or not they have any pledges. Students will  run/walk 1/4 mile laps, support their fellow classmates, use their pledge form to collect money for the school, and have a ton of fun!
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What do the children get from the Pumpkin Run?

  • Understanding the importance of exercise.
  • Appreciation of team work and school unity within their classrooms and school.
  • Every student receives a healthy snack on Run Day.
  • Every student will have a chance to work towards our goal and be rewarded with a special event for achieving it!

Pumpkin Run Fact Sheet

Pumpkin Run Pledge Form

What about pledges?

  • Sponsors can pledge two different ways: flat amount or pledge per lap.
  • Sponsors will can donate by either filling out the pledge form or online through our school’s website on line giving page.
  • Accumulated pledges of $60/student will achieve our goal of $10,000.
  • Please do not allow your children to go door-to-door alone to solicit pledges.
  • Return all pledge forms and flat rate donations by October 27th.

If you have any questions about the Pumpkin Run, please email Maryellen DeWolfe at

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