Honoring Parents and Teachers

 Thelma Johnson Award


Mrs. Thelma Johnson
Mrs. Thelma Johnson

Thelma Johnson’s life was truly an example of selfless devotion to her St. Ambrose parish family for many years. Her wisdom, wit, and warmth were always a most welcome gift to all who were honored to have their lives touched by hers.  Thelma served her St. Ambrose parish and school in many ways. Over the years, Thelma was an outstanding member of a wide variety of St. Ambrose service groups.  Whether it was crocheting layettes for newborns, making Christmas stockings for kindergarteners, driving fellow parishioners to appointments, or reading to our students in both the library and kindergarten, she always managed to be wherever there was a need to be met. Thelma gave herself to her St. Ambrose community completely and selflessly, with a spirit of constant, consistent joy.

2018-2019 – Mani Tiwari

2017-2018 – Barry Wright; Lisa McBride

2016-2017 – Tom and Jackie O’Brien; Scott and Marybeth Brown;

2015-2016 – Mrs. Dawn Westphall

2014-2015 – Mrs. Mary Ann Fomunyoh

2013-2014 – Mrs. Connie Frank

2012-2013 – Mr. Joseph Molnar

2011-2012  – Mrs. Carla Yaglou

2010-2011 – Mrs. Jayne Eckert

2009-2010 – Mrs. Trish Konczal

2008-2009 – Mrs. Kathy d’Alelio

2007-2008 – Mrs. Debbie Caffi

2006-2007 – Mr. Ray Venero

The Harold Devine Award

Harold Devine was a St. Ambrose parishioner for many years. He fought in World War II and Korea, and had retired after a long civilian career. When the school opened in 1995, he became a frequent visitor. He would ask the principal, the teachers, and the staff, “What do you need?” Whatever it was – dictionaries, calculators, office or classroom supplies, projectors — he would make a list and return, usually the same day, with the needed items. His love for the school and especially the students was evident.  The Devine Service Award was named for him because of his spirit of service and generous giving to the community.


2018-2019 – Sue and Tim Bogan; Sharon Driscoll

2017-2018 – Margaret Kelty; Maryellen DeWolfe

2016-2017 – Steve and Carrie Walker

2015-2016  – Mrs. Meredith Hinkle

2014-2015  – Captain Don Ditko, USN (Retired)

2013-2014  – Mrs. Barbara Shea

2012-2013 – Mrs. Virginia Connell

2011-2012 – Mrs. Jackie Franchi

2010-2011 – Mr. Geoff D’Alelio

2009-2010 – Mr. Bill Yaglou

2008-2009 – Mrs. Blanca Reilly

2007-2008 – Mrs. Lisa Dinger

2006-2007 – Mrs. Lisa Phillips

2005-2006 – Mrs. Martha Sansaver

2004-2005 – Mrs. Julie Ryder

Prior winners:

Don and Cheryl Martin

Mrs. Pat Dell

Mrs. Ida Smith

Principal’s Award for Innovation

Presented to individuals who have introduced new ideas that bring life and growth to our St. Ambrose community. With our designation as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, we are challenged to aim high and reach for the stars. We have so many goals and dreams, that we have to work smarter – we can’t work any harder!


2018-2019 – Julie Tangorra

2016-2017 – Meghan Scott

2015-2016 – Kate O’Connor

2014-2015 – Mike Thieman

2013-2014 –  Felipe Cordoba, Branco Garcia, Paula Garcia, Vanilda Salinger-Swett, and David Swett (The 5K Team)

2010-2011 – Dr. Martha Hurley

Distinguished Teacher of the Year

2013-2014 – Mrs. Pat Kiernan (Middle School Math & Science) was given the Air Force Association Gabriel Chapter’s 2014 Teacher of the Year Award

2012-2013 – Ms. Claire Tozzi (Music & Health)

2011-2012 – Mrs. Nell Mulhern (First Grade)

2010-2011 – Mrs. Pat Kiernan (Middle School Math & Science)

2009-2010 – Mrs. Patty Cummins (Spanish)

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