Updates – March 5

Dear Parents:
It was great seeing so many of you at the gala on Saturday, and I am sure that you will agree that it was a wonderful evening. As soon as we have information to share on the fund-raising side we will get that out to you.
In January, I promised a dress-down day for students who went to Mass in uniform. With snow days and other happenings, we have not yet done that. So, on Wednesday we will have a dress-down day for students who 1) Wore their uniform to Mass; 2) Served at Mass; 3) Were in the choir at 10:00 am. Thank you for representing our school!
Today we had our lock-down practice. Officer Eddy Azcarate was in to observe. He said that we did everything the correct way. In going through the school he also indicated that at no time did he hear noise from any student, even when we entered the classrooms. He was most complimentary. Well done to our faculty and students!
Tomorrow I will be accompanying our 8th grade students to the annual vocations Mass, celebrated by Bishop Burbidge. Please pray for us, as we will pray for all of you.
Have a great evening.
Angela Rowley

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