Fr. Hinkle’s sailors need letters

USS Stennis aircraft carrierUpdate: February 7:
Calling out to the families of St. Ambrose School! The Sailors of the USS Stennis are far from home, and they need letters from St. Ambrose students. Please write a card or draw a nice picture for them; cards and pictures are due by the 22nd of February.

Letters to Sailors Flier

Our students have signed on for the challenging task of predicting the location of the U.S. Navy’s formidable USS John C. Stennis Strike Group. In particular, they are tracking an erstwhile St. Ambrose parishioner and recently deployed naval chaplain, Father James C. Hinkle.

“Following the aircraft carrier and the battle group is not only a geography lesson, but a service project as well,” said St. Ambrose parishioner Meredith Hinkle — Father Hinkle’s mother and the visionary for the project.

map showing Fr. Hinkle's locationsSee the Arlington Catholic Herald article on our school’s project here.

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