Why St. Ambrose School?

Saint Ambrose School will be entering its 27th year of providing its students with an education dedicated to developing the whole person.  We are grounded in seeing that our students experience joy in scholarship, spirituality, and service.  In addition, we are a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence as designated by the U. S. Department of Education.

All our teachers are certified, hold a bachelor’s degree, and some have master’s degrees or are pursuing post graduate studies. Students receive individualized attention focused on developmental appropriateness.  As a one class per grade school, we are dedicated to each student’s success.  Once you walk through our doors, you will feel at home, as we are a very unified community, and our students embrace new students and make them feel welcome.


Your child’s education will be focused with development of the whole person therefore, a variety of choices are offered to reflect each student’s uniqueness, generate a healthy sense of competition, create a spirit of cooperation, and foster their faith formation, leadership, and creativity. We offer a rich blend of world language, music, arts, library, PE, religion, and technology programs.

Your child will receive a high level of individualized personal attention. This commitment is reinforced by our participation in programs that are tailored to challenge advanced students and support those who experience difficulties in the various areas of study. We offer additional support to students who are showing academic challenges through our Resource, and Title I programs.

Your child will join an ever evolving, dynamic educational experience offering many opportunities that emphasize fostering collaboration, critical thinking, community service, communication, research skills, and perseverance.

Your child will be challenged to improve the world by sharing Gospel values and living Christ’s message of salvation through love and forgiveness. The St. Ambrose philosophy forms students’ minds, bodies, and spirits and leads them to a life of service to others. It sets St. Ambrose apart from public and other private schools.


Your child joins the first Diocesan school to offer a dual language education program (DLP). 2023-2024 Includes Kindergarten and First Grade.

  • Our DLP program has been in the news:



  • Our DLP is supported by Boston College’s Two-Way Immersion Network.
  • Our DLP provides literacy and content instruction to all students through two languages (English and Spanish).
  • DLP is a 50-50 program. Half of the classes (math, science, and language arts) will be taught in Spanish, and the other half of the classes (social studies, religion, and language arts) will be taught in English. Language arts is the only class taught in both English and Spanish.  In addition, all special courses (Technology, Library, PE, Music, and Art) will be taught in English.   The program begins this coming school year (2022-2023)
  • with DLP’s goal is to develop global citizens who can connect language and culture. These insights into language and culture provide St. Ambrose students a crucial cultural perspective not only of the U.S., but of all Latin American countries.
  • DLP provides a stimulating and demanding education.

Catholic parents applying to other Catholic schools and finding themselves without an option due to space limits are welcome here.  We will honor that school’s tuition for one year and can offer tuition assistance. We welcome you to join us and be part of this beautiful community! ¡Bienvenidos!

Maria Teresa Tejada, M. Ed.


St. Ambrose Catholic School

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St. Ambrose School admits students of any race, color, and national origin.

"Christ is everything to us" – St. Ambrose