Stained Glass Window

in Honor of Mrs. Virginia Connell


Mrs. Virginia Connell was the principal of St. Ambrose Catholic School from January 1997 – June 2005. This window was given to the school in her honor in June 2005 by the students, parents, staff and benefactors of the school. It was designed by graduating eighth grade students Maria McGlade and Amy Olivero.

Surrounded by the colors and symbols of St. Ambrose School, the tree spreads its branches, sheltering the children beneath it.

Through her strong leadership, Mrs. Connell has been the tree of love and knowledge within our school.  Grounded in the fertile soil of her Catholic faith, she has welcomed all of the students of St. Ambrose School. Inspired by the Holy spirit, symbolized by the dove , and influenced by St. Ambrose, as symbolized by the beehive, she has nurtured and guided the students on their spiritual journey. The heart represents her heartfelt concern for each student and her love of learning that have inspired out students and endeared her to everyone in the St. Ambrose community.



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