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In preparation for the new school year, St. Ambrose School asks parents to complete a series of required forms, they are linked here for your convenience. This digital process replaces most of the paper forms previously sent home for registration. There are a few forms that will still need to be filled out and then printed and signed. Please complete all required forms prior to Monday, August 15. Students will be unable to start classes until ALL required forms are completed. Thank you for helping us make a smooth transition into the 2022-2023 school year!

Required Forms:

1. Handbook Agreement Form- This form documents parent and student acknowledgement of the Ambrose Student/Parent Handbook and its content. The Student Parent Handbook serves as the primary starting point when issues or concerns arise throughout the year. If you have more than one student, please submit an individual agreement for each student.

          * Must be printed and signed*

Handbook agreement signature page


2. Media Release for Minors- You have the right to prohibit the use of your child’s name, picture and voice in school/parish/Diocesan media and may do so by completing the form below. Please read the options below carefully as you consider your decision and electronically sign this form for each child. If you do submit a form, we will assume that you give permission for all options listed on the form.

Media Release Form


3. Extended Day Registration Form- Our Extended Day program is a drop-in program and may be used by any student as much or as little as needed, without advance notice to the school. We ask that every student complete the registration form even if you do not plan to use the program. No registration fees will be charged until the program is used for the first time. In the event that you are late to carpool or have an emergency, your child will be able to join in the activities in the gym without any worry of paperwork.

Extended Day Registration Form


4. Health History Update- This is required annually for every student and provides an opportunity for parents to alert the school of any changes in a student’s medical conditions.

Health History Update


5. Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Form- new students only.

          *must be printed and signed*

Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Form


Optional Forms:

1. Walker form- Please fill out this form if your child will be walking or biking home from school at any point during the school year.

 Permission to Walk Home

2. Medication Authorization form- If your child uses over the counter medications and needs them during school hours, please fill out the following form.

*must be printed and signed*

Medication Authorization form

3. Epipen Authorization form- If your child has a life-threatening allergy with a prescription for an epipen as part of his/her allergy treatment, please fill out the form below.

*must be printed and signed*

Epipen Authorization form

Allergy Action Plan with Epinephrine and Antihist Forms

4. Inhaler Authorization form- If your child needs to use an inhaler during school hours, please fill out the form below.

*must be printed and signed*

Inhaler Authorization form

AsthmaAction Plan

5. Hot Lunch Service by Yay LunchesYay Lunch delivers lunches from local vendors directly to schools. Each lunch is sealed and labeled with your child’s name, grade, teacher + dietary restrictions. You can order and pay directly through the Yay Lunch website.

Yay Lunch Website


Student Activities: 

For Application and Re-Registration forms, see the application forms page.

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