FAQs for Parents

See PTO FAQs on the PTO page.

1.  What is the student/teacher ratio at St. Ambrose?

At St. Ambrose, we pride ourselves on keeping our student/teacher ratio low while also keeping tuition low. Currently the ratio is 13:1.  This way our students experience small class sizes and that specialized attention that helps all of our students succeed.

2.  Do classes have holiday parties?  If so, which holidays do they celebrate?

Each class has a Christmas and an end of the year party that the room parents coordinate.  Parent volunteers are invited to  help run activities for the kids, but the teacher is  present at all parties.

3.  How many field trips do classes participate in each year?  How many chaperones can go?

Each class goes on two field trips a year.  The number of chaperones varies by class size; the teachers will communicate with the room parents who will then ask for volunteers.  Diocesan policy is that the following chaperone to student ratio be maintained:

  • Grades K-5          1:6
  • Grades 6-8          1:8

4.  I see that each class is responsible for a faculty room snack?  What does that mean?

The PTO wants to show our teachers how much we appreciate them, so we provide a treat each month.

A specific  class is responsible for coordinating snacks for the faculty room each month.  Room parents will send out a volunteer sign up to ask parents to bring in coffees, healthy snacks and treats.

5.  I see that each class has to make a donation to the annual gala.  What is that donation?

St. Ambrose holds an annual gala auction to raise money for the school.  Each class contributes an item for the auction.  Popular items in the past have been gift card baskets, relaxation baskets, and Lego baskets as well as personalized items from the class like a painted wheelbarrow, a bench with the children’s handprints, etc.

6.  What kinds of fundraising does St. Ambrose participate in?  What is expected of the parents?

At St. Ambrose we really value the idea of Time, Talent and Treasure and pride ourselves on valuing all contributions made to our school.  Throughout the year, we plan different events that help to raise money not only from the St. Ambrose school and parish communities but also from the outside community.  We receive many donations of time, talent and treasure from our families and in doing so we are able to keep our tuition low.  We also participate in initiatives like the Amazon Associates Program, Box Tops for Education and others so that we do not place a heavy burden of fundraising on our parents.

7.  Is there hot lunch?  If so, how does it work?
Yes there is!  We have hot lunch provided every day by various vendors:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – Smart Lunches
  • Thursday – Chick-fil-A
  • Friday – Pizza

Smart Lunches are ordered online at Smartlunches.com

Chick-fil-A and Pizza are ordered by semester.

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