Giving Tree

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Welcome to the St. Ambrose School Giving Tree!  This tree is a unique way for you to give to our school by either making a flat donation or by donating an item a teacher really needs!  The price for each item is to cover the cost of the item and a little bit more that will be used towards shipping and for our general school fund.

To donate is simple…select your item and then click on this link  to be transferred to our online giving page.  Then, type in the item and item number into one of the blank description fields and the amount under price.  If you are donating a flat amount or to our STEM Program, select that description on the order page and add the amount you would like to donate.

If you would like to donate in the name of a specific student or students, add their name(s) to the description.  We will then happily send them a card that will tell them of the donation and who gave!

Items Needed


  • Book:  The Preschool Scientist —– Learning Centers for exploration and discovery. $19.95
  • 60+ songs to glide through daily transitions.  $24.95
  • Book: A Teachers Promise Book.  $15.95
  • Book: Lola at the Library.  $6.95
  • Vinyl Covered Preschool Sofa.  $225.00
  • Toddler Unit Block Set (64 pieces)  $79.95
  • Rainbow Air foam Balls (set of 6)  $39.95
  • See Saw Spring Rider  $649.00
  • Drive and Learn for the Playground.  $199.00
  • Suncast Storage Box (60c.feet box) to store pre-k tricycles.  $539.00

For  Mrs. Fernandez  / Kindergarten

  • From
    • Big Book Easel #702987 $179.95
    • CD player #702236 $79.99
  • From Lakeshore:
    • Community Workers Book Set CW166 $64.50
    • No Climb Book Stand $139.00 AA692

For Mrs Park / 4th Grade

  • Rounding Flashcards $6.75
  • Snap Math (multiplication/division) $11.95
  • Snapmath 3D shapes (Gr. 3-4) $11.95
  • Snapmath Fractions (Gr. 4) $11.95
  • Triple Play Math Vocabulary $5.49

For Sra Cummins / Spanish

  • Body Parts with don Quixote Poster $12.00
  • Spanish Speaking Countries Flag Stickers $1.49
  • Pobre Ana Reader (30 copies)  $5.38 each
  • Pobre Ana Activity Pack Masters $19.95
  • Guess Who? Spanish Card Game $24.79
  • Tell Me Spanish Conversation Game $29.79
  • Digital Flashcards Challenge on CD $32.95 each
    • Professions
    • Transportation
    • Classroom nouns
    • Clothing
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Seasons and Weather
    • Animals
  • Cool Cubes Digital Game on CD $20.95

Math/Science Lab

  •         6 sets of 5 C/F classroom thermometers (Nasco,  #SB47135M)  @  $9.65 per set

For the Library

  • Bill Nye the Science Guy Videos $14.99 each or $12.99/5 or more (Digestion, Momentum, Heat, The Planets, Space Exploration, Buoyancy, Blood and Circulation, Oceanography)
  • Book: Sleepover at Gramma’s House $15.34
  • Book: Henry and Mudge and the Big Sleepover $14.49
  • Book: Fancy Nancy Saturday Night Sleepover $15.34
  • Book: A Tricky Sleepover $18.95

For the School

  • 046-Laser Die Cut for the School – $800
  • 047-Flat Donation to the School’s General Fund – Any amount!
  • 048-Donation to our STEM* Program – Any amount!

(*STEM stands for Science, technology, engineering and math.  We are currently enhancing our curriculum by adding hands on activities and programs in these areas)

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